Beauty for mommies,
interesting for kids.
Wooden toys-characters are handmade from protected materials. Let's get to know them and discover new worlds together!
Not just⠀⠀⠀a thing, but a friend for your⠀⠀⠀kid
Since 2015 we have been producing children's Montessori toys. Each toy is a unique character with its own name, which will become a true friend and helper in the games and development of your child
Choose you⠀⠀⠀toy
Whale James
Let's explore ocean together!
Crocodile Robert
Ready to conquerthe jungle in the name of fun
Dinosaur Jorge
Travel back in time and meet a funny dinosaur
Elephant Annie
Ready to travel around the world!
Create toys that develop your children
Develop motor skills
These toys help improve coordination and fine motor skills, which is an important aspect of children's development
Become more creative
Our toys are aimed at developing the creativity of the child. He can introduce his toys, play with them and invent different scenarios
Develop concentration
Toys are so interesting and bright that the child focuses on them easier and with pleasure
Inspired by nature
Our toys are made of wood and painted only with natural paint
Made with love by own hands, individual for each child
We use only ecomaterials in the manufacture of toys and even packaging
Join⠀⠀⠀our «Factory’s club»
We have created a club where children can meet, play and develop together. And introduce your toy friends!
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